This bag is GORGEOUS on you!! I think it has now made it on my wish list. No time soon but certainly one to work towards! Fabulous bag! louis vuitton belt

 Great spring/summer bag!  

K, you said that you like hearing people's opinions- and since I have a recently turned 3 year old daughter, can I add more?I also want to stress that I'm not typing in anger, I think that it's very sweet that you want to buy your niece something wonderful. I love buying my daughter wonderful t


Cute ring! Congrats!!

I dont care at all, I carry my LV because i love it and i dont care who or what other people are carrying.

LVoe it congrats and keep safe


louis vuitton luggage bag wow, that's even worst than I thought New-New. but I like it. lol Did they make that one for the public?


I really just cant justify the money for a charm. I like the bandeaus better anyway, they add some color and depth for half of the price. Have you looked at the monogram map bandeau in cassis?

 ,louis vuitton luggage What a great purchase! Congrats 
What about odeon? The damier Musette is also a great classic imo. louis vuitton replica
Congrats! louis vuitton replica
Beautiful. I really love your scarf as well. Do you mind giving the info

Louis Vuitton As a general statement - I think majority of LV owners will most probably drive a DECENT car. It will be unusual to have someone carrying an LV bag and drives an old, dirty car that's falling apart, I think. However, it doesn't have to be a luxury car like a Merz or BMW. Just like not all LV owners wear CL or Jimmy Choo.


LV Fake who cares what is common.. get the bag you love and enjoy it


Bon voyage! Louis Vuitton Luggage